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We are very excited to rollout our new site, specifically geared towards selling our laser-cut, and hand assembled Ballpark Diamonds. We had to do a little housekeeping to get ready for our new products, and behind the scenes we’ve upgraded all kinds of stuff that will ensure fast orders and a great buying experience. But, if you're just landing here, here’s a quick run-down of what we are all about: We started making stadium posters on opening day in 2015 (they look like THIS)  Then we launched this a Kickstarter  Now, we are re-opening shop to launch new products and new designs. Welcome! You might be asking yourself, “Where did the posters go? Are you making more?” We still need...

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We are Facebook Official

We are gaining steam here at STADIUM GRAPH. We are getting ever closer to unveiling our next print... In the meantime we've also been figuring out how things work on the rest of the internets. We made it to Facebook even! The response has been swell. Check us out below for: Poster giveaways Sales, discounts Updates and interesting facts about stadium development. Hope you like what you see :)

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Starting Up

So, in the Fall of 2014 my lovely wife got a book for me off my Amazon wish list (Thanks Cate!). It was called the $100 Startup. This book addresses something I've always had a problem with; the followthrough. Maybe you're the same way? Does this sound familiar to you? The Vicious Idea Cycle Get a pretty-okay creative OR business idea. Fall in love with the idea. Blow it up to a GRAND scale. Keep improving the idea your head... long term goals, 5 year plans, congratulate yourself on your genius! Make excuses to not follow through. This idea is too big or complicated to tackle. What if it fails? Lose interest and repeat with a new, more simple, minimum viable product idea... which gets overbuilt, and so on and so forth. This cycle is also...

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