Our Story

We make home feel more like home field.

Stadium Graph launched on opening day of 2015 with the goal of creating objects that honor the memories we make at the ballpark. Funded on Kickstarter, Ballpark Diamonds are now designed and assembled in the midwest by a second-generation woodworker and his family who all love baseball. 

Who's Managing this Thing?
Hi there. I’m Jacob. My wife and I run the show from top to bottom around here. I'm a designer and second generation wood-worker and we take enormous pride and care with each piece we assemble and ship to you. We enjoy nerdy stadium things like; rally caps, "the wave", section slow claps. Trips to the ballpark are even more special these days when we get to take the whole family. 

It's our hope that these products live up to the excitement, drama, and special moments you’ve experienced at the ballpark. 

Thanks for stopping by.