Starting Up

So, in the Fall of 2014 my lovely wife got a book for me off my Amazon wish list (Thanks Cate!). It was called the $100 Startup. This book addresses something I've always had a problem with; the followthrough. Maybe you're the same way? Does this sound familiar to you? The Vicious Idea Cycle

  1. Get a pretty-okay creative OR business idea.
  2. Fall in love with the idea. Blow it up to a GRAND scale.
  3. Keep improving the idea your head... long term goals, 5 year plans, congratulate yourself on your genius!
  4. Make excuses to not follow through. This idea is too big or complicated to tackle. What if it fails?
  5. Lose interest and repeat with a new, more simple, minimum viable product idea... which gets overbuilt, and so on and so forth.

This cycle is also explained really well in this video about "Brain Crack" My brain crack addiction got so bad, I created a blog to try and keep me honest. I told all of my friends about it so the lack of activity would become my public shame for followthrough. This book really helped me take an inventory of the skills I had "laying around" to put together something that really had no barriers to get started. The result is STADIUMGRAPH. I wanted to quickly share a couple of things that I've learned so far in this experience.

  • You really don't need to file any kind of paperwork to start a business. You just need a product and someone willing to pay for it. Think "Lemonade Stand" and do the paperwork later.
  • Microbusinesses are fun! Like hobbies mixed with a little commerce.
  • It literally costs ZERO dollars to setup an e-commerce business if you have a little bit of know-how and patience. I started used Woocommerce & Wordpress (FULL DISLAIMER: I was already paying like $1.99 per month for hosting on 1and1)
  • There is THE MOST EPIC feeling when you process your first order for a total stranger.
I invite you to stick with me to see where this goes. It feels pretty good to get an idea out of your brain and into the real world. I mean, you're here... reading about it and in a lot of ways, that's already a win for me. THANK YOU. — Jacob H. Recovering Brain Crack Addict
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